The company

Integration and Innovation

IFFCO Italia is specialized in the production of vegetable whipping, spraying, and cooking creams intended both for professional usage (chefs, pastry chefs, etc.) and for domestic consumption.
In 2015 the multinational group IFFCO, leader in food industry, acquires the industrial complex of the historical company CODAP, thus becoming the owner of its prestigious brands in the cream sector, such as Spray Pan, Gran Cucina, and Hulalà.
IFFCO group, based in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the world’s leading company in the food industry, present in 26 market categories, with 62 operating locations around the world, and with an annual production of over 5 million tons of food products.
All IFFCO’s Italian products are subject to a continuous and extensive research and development’s activity aimed at their improvement, to daily satisfy the needs of its customers and consumers.


Vision and Values

IFFCO’s philosophy is summed up by this short engraved

“Be the preferred provider of essential and value added foods for everyone, everywhere and every day.”

Quality and sustainability

IFFCO Italia’s goal is to combine high quality products with the utmost respect for the environment. Our organization, thanks to both its historical ‘know – how’ and to its flexibility, represents a reference partner for professionals in the catering and confectionery sectors and for families, more and more concerned about the products’ quality.

The Values

Our fundamental values are: competence, attention to quality, technological innovation, customer care, and passion for our work.


IFFCO commitment

• Offer equal opportunities to employees in respect of gender diversity in multicultural environment
• Promote a culture of meritocracy by selecting, developing, and rewarding talents based on competence and ability
• Encourage open communication to improve both the productivity and the working environment
• Grant healthy and safe working condition
• Facilitate the right ‘work – life balance’

IFFCO mandate

• Connect with colleagues with respect, honesty and empathy
• Build a stimulating environment, which promotes an exchange of ideas and visions
• Honor personal commitment in accordance with company policies


Personal integrity

• Present ‘objective’ and reliable information avoiding personal influences
• Avoid criticism and gossip; on the contrary, favor ‘quality’ relationship between coworkers

Integrity of systems

• Make systems and procedures globally accessible in order to provide total transparency and compliance
• Confidentiality and security of company information are not negotiable

Fiscal integrity

• Be prudent and cost conscious when using  company economic resources and assets
• Applying critical assessment as a criteria for  choosing suppliers and partners
• Receiving favors and gifts from business associates  is considered a bribe and hence unethical


• Develop activities with a sense of ownership
• Show a proactive approach and spirit of initiative
• Manage assets, projects and human capital as your own
• Develop creativity to increase synergies and to obtain maximum return on investment
• Evaluate each option critically by calculating risk and opportunities
• Challenge the status quo and encourage innovative projects


• Perform continuous benchmarks on processes and systems to maximize group efficiency
• Identify ‘best in class’ approaches to improve quality, cost, and performance standards
• Promote dialogue and collaboration between functions and business units
• Encourage the ‘new’: innovative products and different approaches that add ‘value’ to our customers


• Consumer’s satisfaction is our priority: we strive to achieve it by maximizing energies, insights and innovation
• Listen carefully to consumers feedback to assess their value added and to reach market leadership



From the ’60s to today: always at the forefront of the food


I.S.A. (Industria Spray Alimentare) based in Pozzuoli (Naples), the first European company specialized in the production of whipped cream in Aerosol packages, is born.


Spray Pan brand is starting to spread worldwide, packaged in a 250ml cylinder with the unmistakable spherical cap. An innovative product from a technological point of view, pasteurized, and high quality that allows the Spray Pan brand to conquer the shelves of Modern Trade. The following three years are characterized by a booming in sales.


The elevated standard and innovation allows Spray Pan to conquer also international markets. Spain and Germany are the first countries to be approached by I.S.A.


CODAP SPA, which consists of all the operative and commercial activities of I.S.A., is created.


Opening of the new production center of Marcianise, spread over 40,000 square meters. The company embarks on a diversification process by initiating the production of UHT vegetable creams packaged in Tetra Pak. The new Hulalà brand is successfully introduced into the market, also responding to the specific need of catering and pastry professionals.


CODAP reaches important European leadership positions thanks to the growth and success of vegetal creams.


Two new commercial branches in Kassel (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain) were added due to the need of a widespread presence and localized support.


The high potential of the Latin American market and the almost total absence of UHT producers pushes the management to build a new production plant. As a result the modern factory in Sorocaba (Brazil) was established, which became the main source of several Latin American countries.


Important acquisition at national and international level: in Bulgaria, CODAP acquires My Day Ltd, a leading company in the dairy sector and with a high specialization in the production of vegetable creams; in Italy, CODAP completes the acquisition of ‘Saba’, a company from Campania specialized in the production of almond milks and food syrups.


IFFCO Italia is born: the IFFCO group shows interest in the strategic value of the Italian company with its widespread presence in international market, specialized skills, technological know – how, and industrial potential.


The definitive acquisition process of the production reality of CODAP and its brands is concluded successfully. The group’s vision includes important plans for the development of commercial and marketing strategies intended to relaunch and consolidate the company’s position both domestically and internationally.