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Commercial management and factory

Contrada Casale Zona Industriale
81025 Marcianise (CE) – Italia
Tel: +39 0823 822111
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IFFCO for the Industry

The skills developed over the years by IFFCO Italy, combined with those of the international IFFCO Group, allow us to provide customized product solutions to support industrial customers in their projects development.
Over 50 years of continuous research and development, innovation and investment in people and technologies consolidate us as reliable and experienced partner in business development at a global scale.

The production technology of our Marcianise plant is the UHT process, which we manage today in the following packages and formats:

  • Tetra pack (200/500/1000/1000 square ml.)
  • Aerosol (150/250/400/500/750 ml.)
  • Bag in Box (5/10/1000 lt.)

Whatever your needs, IFFCO Italy is here to help you and evaluate with you specific solutions for your goals.
By filling the form below, you will be contacted as soon as possible by our representatives for the industry.

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