IFFCO for the environment

We believe in a sustainable way of doing business, which knows how to enhance human and environmental resources and contribute to the development while respecting the planet and the people who inhabit it.
This belief guides our business choices and practices in providing value-added products and services that are sustainable and enjoyable for everyone, everywhere and every day.
Environmental certification

In compliance with environmental legislative rules, we constantly monitor the evolution of the needed requirements so that they are always updated to the latest environmental standards.
The ISO 14001 certification testifies our commitment to a rational use of resources and to the reduction of the environmental impact, through a highly energy efficient production process that pays constant attention to the correct disposal of waste and the valorisation of waste through recovery and recycling.

Our plant in Marcianise (CE) is managed through a continuously monitored waste separation system that identifies the different materials to be recovered, for a highly efficient enhancement that minimizes waste.

Environmental labelling

Along with the commitment of companies, the role of the consumer is also fundamental in the separate collection process. The information provided by the environmental labelling of our products, which can be found on this site on the page of each product, are designed to facilitate this activity and provide all the information necessary for the correct recovery of the packaging.

The brick containers of all of our products are made from 100% recyclable Tetra Pak® paper and use a water-soluble type of ink.

Find out how to differentiate Tetra Pak® containers in your municipality.

Commitment to the future

Our commitment to the future is reflected in some activities currently under development for further optimization in the management of packaging: from the choice of raw materials to packaging and storage, up to the shipment of the finished product.