Our Story

From the ’60s to today: always at the forefront of the food.
Storia IFFCO Italia


I.S.A. (Industria Spray Alimentare) based in Pozzuoli (Naples), the first European company specialized in the production of whipped cream in Aerosol packages, is born.

Storia IFFCO Italia1970

Spray Pan brand is starting to spread worldwide, packaged in a 250ml cylinder with the unmistakable spherical cap. An innovative product from a technological point of view, pasteurized, and high quality that allows the Spray Pan brand to conquer the shelves of Modern Trade. The following three years are characterized by a booming in sales.

Storia IFFCO Italia1982

The elevated standard and innovation allows Spray Pan to conquer also international markets. Spain and Germany are the first countries to be approached by I.S.A.

Storia IFFCO Italia1986

CODAP SPA, which consists of all the operative and commercial activities of I.S.A., is created.

Storia IFFCO Italia1989

Opening of the new production center of Marcianise, spread over 40,000 square meters. The company embarks on a diversification process by initiating the production of UHT vegetable creams packaged in Tetra Pak. The new Hulalà brand is successfully introduced into the market, also responding to the specific need of catering and pastry professionals.

Storia IFFCO Italia1990-94

CODAP reaches important European leadership positions thanks to the growth and success of vegetal creams.

Storia IFFCO Italia1995-97

Two new commercial branches in Kassel (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain) were added due to the need of a widespread presence and localized support.

Storia IFFCO Italia2003

The high potential of the Latin American market and the almost total absence of UHT producers pushes the management to build a new production plant. As a result the modern factory in Sorocaba (Brazil) was established, which became the main source of several Latin American countries.

Storia IFFCO Italia2007

Important acquisition at national and international level: in Bulgaria, CODAP acquires My Day Ltd, a leading company in the dairy sector and with a high specialization in the production of vegetable creams; in Italy, CODAP completes the acquisition of Saba, a company from Campania specialized in the production of almond milks and food syrups.

Storia IFFCO Italia2015

IFFCO Italia is born: the IFFCO group shows interest in the strategic value of the Italian company with its widespread presence in international market, specialized skills, technological know – how, and industrial potential.

Storia IFFCO Italia2017

The definitive acquisition process of the production reality of CODAP and its brands is concluded successfully. The group’s vision includes important plans for the development of commercial and marketing strategies intended to relaunch and consolidate the company’s position both domestically and internationally.