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The recipes of Chef Patrizia Paglieri for Hulalà and Gran Cucina

Patrizia Paglieri, first female chef on the jury of the Romanian edition of the famous MasterChef television program, created a series of tasty recipes for us to follow step by step.

Patrizia spent the first years of her life in the Bahamas with her family and later spent her adolescence in Italy in San Remo. It is precisely in Italy that, thanks to his mother and grandmother, she develops a strong passion for cooking.
Although the numerous professional cooking courses she attended that have broadened her horizons towards sophisticated dishes, Patrizia confesses that she especially likes to cook traditional dishes, those that her grandmother taught her.

In 1993 Patrizia moved with her family to Romania and together with her parents opened their first restaurant in Mogoșoaia, outside Bucharest. In the following years the restaurant became a huge success and received famous guests, from international TV stars to well noted local businessmen.

In 2014, with her entry as a member of the MasterChef Romania jury, Patrizia became well known to the general public and received national recognition.

Chef of haute cuisine and TV presenter, Patrizia expresses her gastronomic creativity in a perfect mix between the simplicity of "homemade" Italian dishes and her refinement as a chef with international experience.

In 2020 the collaboration with IFFCO Italia begins and creates for us delicious sweet and savory recipes, published on this YouTube page:

Patrizia Paglieri Recipes