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IFFCO Italia recipe books dedicated to professional Chefs and Pastry Chefs

New ideas for vegetable creams: tradition, innovation and new cooking and pastry-making techniques.

Italian pastry-making and cuisine have a traditional heritage like no other in the world and one that is constantly being innovated with the help of research from companies like IFFCO Italia and the expertise of artisans like you: professionals who choose to use innovative ingredients, in their pursuit of meeting the increasingly varied needs of their customers.
People who dine out at a restaurant or call in at a patisserie today are increasingly concerned about their health and wellbeing, concepts for which the non-negotiable value of taste and quality are implicit.

IFCCO Italia offers professionals in the sector a range of products that are of the same quality as traditional ingredients, but that at the same time are high-performance, versatile and innovative.
The aim of the two recipe books is to bring out the best of IFFCO products, showing how they can be used in a different way in traditional recipes or in new applications.

“On its own, cooking is a science.
It's the chef's job to turn it into art"

- Gualtiero Marchesi -

The collaboration with the two chefs behind the two recipe books was an essential element: they both provided IFFCO with their professionalism, experience and desire to experiment.

Riccardo Bassetti (chef at La Tavola Restaurant in Laveno Mombello, one star) and Marco Battaglia (pastry chef at Marlà patisserie in Milan) had fun playing with tradition, innovating and suggesting new ways to use IFFCO Italia vegetable creams. This series of recipes - full of innovative ideas to inspire professionals in the sector to keep up with the times - is the result of their professionalism and IFFCO Italia's high quality.

Here you'll find recipes, video recipes and tips from the chefs to stimulate your curiosity and inspire you to create something new.
Good luck with your work and have fun with IFFCO products!

The recipe book by Chef Riccardo Bassetti
The cookbook for pastry chefs by Marco Battaglia