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Marco Battaglia's Pristine Hulalà cookbook for Pastry Chefs

For the Pristine Hulalà cookbook dedicated to professionals in the pastry world, IFFCO Italia has chosen an emerging face of Italian pastry: Marco Battaglia, born in 1990, already with a long experience in the sector.

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Of Palermo origin, passionate about pastry since he was a boy, after graduating he continued his studies at CAST Alimenti in Brescia thanks to a scholarship. After moving to Milan, he joined the team of one of the best Milanese pastry shops, the Martesana, at a very young age.
In 2018 Marco inaugurated an ambitious but very successful project in Milan, the pastry shop Marlà, whose name was born from the union of his name and and that of Lavina, his work and life partner.

In a short time Marco and Lavinia have been able to carve out a niche thanks to the skilful way of combining contemporary and traditional in their creations: the desserts found at Marlà have a base firmly anchored in Italian tradition, which he has revisited in an elegant and contemporary style.

A dessert boutique that plays on the alternation of warm wood tones and sage green, inside which there is a window, much appreciated by customers, which overlooks the open laboratory.

Among the many awards, in 2019 Marco and Lavinia obtained the award as the best emerging pastry according to Gambero Rosso. In 2020 they participate with enormous media success in the Best Bakery television program, in which they have the opportunity to express their creativity.