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New range “Spray Pan”: tradition meets innovation

Since tradition wants its part, the adventure of the taste of Spray Pan continues, the historical brand at the forefront of cream, which has become iconic because in its past there was something revolutionary that continues to change and innovate.

Spray Pan returns with its iconic round shape cap to reinforce the messages of all time conveyed by an unsurpassed taste, an unmistakable identity, a young, fresh and pop personality. We have therefore worked on a return to the future on the strings of tradition and innovation with our completely recyclable aluminum cans that contain only Italian milk, because identity also wants its part.

A product as light as a cloud.

From today Spray Pan is also lactose-free and 100% vegetable, to allow even those intolerant to milk proteins, and those who move between vegetable and vegan registers, to enjoy the taste of real cream.
In the Spray version, for whipping and for cooking, it satisfies the needs from free time to cooking, from work to entertainment.

Spray Pan is not cream in a can, it's the brand of change.