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Lamb with beetroot and blackberries a heady mix of textures and flavours

with Pristine Hulalà Duetto e Pristine Hulalà Sugar Free

By Riccardo Bassetti

Starred chef of the "La Tavola" restaurant in Laveno Mombello (Varese)


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  • Fillet of lamb g 220
  • Evo oil q.b.
  • Butter q.b.
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Beetroot powder
  • Beetroot 1
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Pickled beetroot gel
  • Beetroot extract ml 200
  • Pristine Hulalà Duetto ml 100
  • Vinegar ml 50
  • Agar agar g 3
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Pickled beetroot strips
  • Beetroot 1
  • White wine vinegar ml 20
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Pickled beetroot jelly disks
  • Beetroot extract ml 100
  • Pristine Hulalà Duetto ml 50
  • White wine vinegar ml 40
  • Gellan gum g 1
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Beetroot whipped cream
  • Pristine Hulalà Sugar Free ml 100
  • Salt g 1
  • Beetroot extract ml 10
  • Pepper q.b.
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Pickled radishes
  • Radishes 2
  • Water q.b.
  • Ice q.b.
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  • Blackberries q.b.
  • Chives q.b.


  1. Lamb
    Divide the fillet into four 55 g portions. Pan fry with oil and butter. Leave to rest for a minute before serving.
  2. Beetroot powder
    Chop the beetroot into pieces and dehydrate it at 60°C for 6 hours. Mix.
  3. Pickled beetroot gel
    Bring the beetroot extract, Pristine Hulalà Duetto and vinegar to the boil. Reduce until you have 300 ml and take off the heat. Bring to the boil for 10 seconds with the agar. Strain and refrigerate for 3 hours. Mix the gel, vacuum seal it and put it in a pipette. Refrigerate.
  4. Pickled beetroot strips
    Make strips or slices of beetroot with a mandoline. Roll them and vacuum seal them with vinegar. Refrigerate for 3 hours. Drain and make 8 rolled slices. Refrigerate on a covered tray.
  5. Pickled beetroot jelly disks
    Bring the beetroot extract and Pristine Hulalà Duetto to the boil. Add the vinegar and cook for a minute with the gellan gum. Blend well. Pour the liquid into a 24x18x2 cm baking dish. Shape 2 cm rings and store them in the fridge on baking paper.
  6. Beetroot whipped cream
    Whip Pristine Hulalà Sugar Free with the other ingredients.
  7. Pickled radishes
    Slice two radishes with a mandoline and leave in iced water.
  8. Finish
    Place the lamb on the left side of the plate. On the right side, tastefully arrange the Pristine Hulalà whipped cream, beetroot cream and beetroot mixtures, together with a few halved blackberries. Add the beetroot powder. Garnish with 3 chive tips.

An extra touch

This dish shows how you can use Hulalà creams with different cooking techniques to create different textures and forms. It can also be used with a different star ingredient. In place of the lamb you can use fish, provided it is a sea fish with a good salt content.