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Chocolate meringue

with Pristine Hulalà Classic and Pristine Hulalà Platinum

By Marco Battaglia

Professional pastry chef at the “Marlà” pastry shop in Milan


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Chocolate meringue
  • Water g 200
  • Sugar g 600
  • Egg whites g 300
  • Sugar g 200
  • 55% cocoa dark chocolate g 240
  • Cocoa mass g 50
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Crème patisserie
  • Milk g 500
  • Lemon zest g 2
  • Sugar g 120
  • Vanilla pod ½
  • Rice starch g 20
  • Corn starch g 20
  • Egg yolks g 150
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Italian meringue
  • Water g 140
  • Sugar g 500
  • Egg whites g 250
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Light chocolate mousse
  • Crème patisserie g 400
  • 55% cocoa dark chocolate g 400
  • Italian meringue g 200
  • Pristine Hulalà Classic semi-whipped g 700
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Coconut chantilly cream
  • Gelatin powder g 6
  • Water g 30
  • Coconut purée g 130
  • Coconut paste g 10
  • Sugar g 96
  • Vanilla pods 2
  • Mascarpone g 300
  • Pristine Hulalà Platinum g 480
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Chocolate coconut
  • White chocolate q.b.
  • Dark chocolate q.b.
  • Pristine Hulalà Platinum q.b.
  • Grated coconut q.b.


  1. Chocolate meringue
    Pour the water and sugar into a pan and heat to 120°C. When the temperature of the syrup drops to 105°C, start beating the egg whites with the sugar. At the same time melt the chocolate and cocoa mass. When the syrup is ready, pour it slowly into the beaten egg whites. When the mixture reaches 45°C, mix by hand and add the chocolate and cocoa mass. On a baking tray lined with baking paper, shape into 7-cm diameter disks using a piping bag. Bake at 160°C for 12 minutes and then at 120°C for two hours.
  2. Crème patisserie
    Bring to a boil the milk with the lemon zest and vanilla pod, removing the pulp which will be added later. To one side mix the rice starch, corn starch, sugar, egg yolks and vanilla pulp. When the milk starts to boil, strain and pour into the sugar and egg yolk mix, put back on the heat and cook at 82°C.
  3. Italian meringue
    Pour the water and sugar into a pan and heat to 121°C. When the temperature of the syrup drops to 105°C, start beating the egg whites in the stand mixer. When it has reached 121°C, pour slowly into the whipped egg whites and continue to mix until the mass has cooled.
  4. Light chocolate mousse
    Heat the cream to 30°C and add the chocolate melted at 45°C, blend for 2 minutes and using a spatula, gently incorporate the meringue and vegetable cream.
  5. Coconut chantilly cream
    Dissolve the gelatin and meanwhile heat the coconut paste and purée, sugar and vanilla pulp, allowing them to infuse for 30 minutes. Bring the temperature of the infusion back up and strain it over the mascarpone, then blend, add the gelatin and Hulalà Platinum and blend again. Cool and leave to rest in the fridge overnight, then pour into two 4.5 cm semi-circular moulds and blast chill.
  6. Assembly
    Add a first meringue disk to an individual steel cylinder mould and pour in the light chocolate mousse halfway up the cylinder. Place a coconut chantilly cream disk on top and pour more light chocolate mousse over until the cylinder is full. Close the portion with the second meringue disk and blast chill. Smooth the surface of the portion with Hulalà Classic and sprinkle over chocolate meringue crumbs.
  7. Chocolate coconut
    Blow up a balloon slightly and push a cocktail stick through the knot, dip it in the white chocolate and allow to set, using the cocktail stick to hang it. Repeat, dipping the balloon in the dark chocolate and allowing it to set again. Scrape the surface of the shell with a metal brush and brush off any crumbs. Puncture the balloon and pull it out of the two-chocolate shell. Shape the hole using a pre-heated mould and a small knife. For the filling: gently whip the Hulalà Platinum and add a little to the inside of the chocolate shell, before finally sprinkling with grated coconut.