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This is not an éclair chocolate and raspberry

with Pristine Hulalà Classic

By Marco Battaglia

Professional pastry chef at the “Marlà” pastry shop in Milan


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Almond sablée
  • 82% fat butter g 550
  • Vanilla pod 1
  • Sugar g 310
  • Eggs g 100
  • Fine salt g 0,2
  • Shortcrust flour g 700
  • Potato starch g 75
  • Baking powder g 6
  • Gold and alcohol q.b.
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Choux-style chocolate sponge
  • Fresh whole milk g 100
  • Granulated sugar g 180
  • 82% fat butter g 120
  • Salt g 2
  • Shortcrust flour g 140
  • Cocoa mass g 280
  • Whole milk g 80
  • Eggs g 200
  • Egg yolks g 240
  • Baking powder g 16
  • Rum g 20
  • Egg whites g 600
  • Sugar g 100
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Raspberry jelly
  • Raspberry purée g 500
  • Sugar g 50
  • Gelatin g 15
  • Water g 75
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Vanilla bavarois
  • Milk g 250
  • Vanilla pod 1
  • Sugar g 50
  • Rice starch g 10
  • Egg yolks g 75
  • Gelatin g 6
  • Water g 30
  • Pristine Hulalà Classic g 250
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Mousse al cioccolato
  • Water g 284
  • Sugar g 210
  • Egg yolks g 400
  • Eggs g 160
  • Dark chocolate g 900
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Marlà icing (glossy)
  • Pristine Hulalà Classic g 145
  • Water g 145
  • Sugar g 280
  • Glucose g 35
  • Cocoa g 75
  • Gelatin g 12
  • Water g 56


  1. Almond sablée
    In the bowl from a stand mixer with flat beater, mix the butter with the vanilla and sifted powder ingredients (flour, starch and baking powder) all together until the mixture has a sandy texture. Add the eggs beaten with the salt. Finally add the granulated sugar. Roll out approximately 300/400 g of this mix between two sheets of baking paper, then pass it through a dough sheeter to a thickness of 3 mm. Rest in the fridge for a short time, then make oval shapes with a mould. Line the baking trays with a sheet of Forosil, place the sablées on top and cover with another sheet of Forosil. Bake for approximately 12/14 minutes at 160°C. Once baked, glaze the surface with a mix of gold and alcohol.
  2. Choux-style chocolate sponge
    Bring the whole milk, sugar, butter and salt to boil in a pan. When it starts to boil, add the cocoa mass, bring back to the boil and add the sifted shortcrust flour. When the mixture has cooked (in other words when the flour stops sticking to the sides), pour into a stand mixer with flat beater and add the liquids in the following order: first the beaten egg yolks, then the milk, then the sifted baking powder, and finally the rum. In a stand mixer with flat beater, whip the egg white with the sugar. When it turns into a white, stable foam, pour into the other mixture. Mix from the bottom upwards. The result will be a sponge whose distinctive feature is how superbly moist it is even after baking. Roll out to a thickness of 4 mm on sheets of baking paper using a dough spreader. Bake in the oven at 200°C, with the steam valve open, for approximately 8 minutes. Once baked, positive blast chill the trays immediately.
  3. Raspberry jelly
    Dissolve the gelatin, and bring to the boil the raspberry purée and sugar. Pour the mixture into the dissolved gelatin. Mix.
  4. Vanilla bavarois
    Bring the milk with the vanilla pod to the boil in a pan. In a bowl whisk the sugar, rice starch, egg yolks and vanilla pulp. Once the milk has started to boil, pour it over the second mixture and whisk. Put the pan back on the heat until the mixture reaches a temperature of 82°C, then add the gelatin. Put the mixture in a stand mixer with whisk and lower the temperature. The result will be a custard. When it reaches a temperature of approximately 30°C add the semi-whipped Hulalà Classic.
  5. Chocolate mousse
    Bring water and sugar to the boil. Pour on the beaten egg yolks and eggs. Put this all back in the pan and cook at 78°C. When this custard has cooked, pour it while still hot into a carafe with the previously weighed chocolate. Mix the chocolate cream in a cutter mixer to make it smooth and bright.
  6. Marlà icing (glossy)
    Bring the Hulalà Classic, water, sugar and glucose to the boil. When it has started to boil, pour in the cocoa powder. Mix with a whisk and heat to 104°C. Pour in the dissolved gelatin. Blast chill to a positive temperature and store at +4°C.
  7. Assembly
    Place the sponge in a 60x40 cm mould and pour over 1.5 kg of vanilla bavarois. Blast chill until slightly frozen, then pour 600 g of raspberry jelly into the mould, then blast chill. Afterwards, remove the steel mould and using a hot knife, slice into 6x2 cm rectangles. For the finally assembly, pour the dark chocolate mousse into an éclair mould three-quarters of the way up. Add the previously sliced rectangles and fill with more chocolate mousse up to the top of the mould, then blast chill. Heat the icing to approximately 32°C, and blend using a hand blender for approximately 2 minutes. Arrange the éclairs on a grill and ice, then use a spatula to transfer the éclairs onto the almond sablées. Place another sablée on top, then decorate with peaks of chocolate mousse and garnish with fresh raspberries.