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Panna cotta in a cup

with Pristine Hulalà Sugar Free

By Marco Battaglia

Professional pastry chef at the “Marlà” pastry shop in Milan


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Panna cotta
  • Pristine Hulalà Sugar free g 375
  • Milk g 125
  • Sugar g 90
  • Vanilla pod 1
  • Gelatin g 6
  • Water g 30
  • Pristine Hulalà Sugar Free g 125
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Chocolate cup
  • Dark chocolate q.b.


  1. Panna cotta
    Heat the Hulalà Sugar Free, milk, sugar and vanilla pod in a pan. When it has started to boil, strain and add the dissolved gelatin. Lower the temperature to 20°C and add the rest of the semi-whipped Hulalà Sugar Free.
  2. Chocolate cup
    Temper the dark chocolate and coat the inside of jar-shaped mould. Allow the jar to set.
  3. Finish
    Pour into the chocolate jar the panna cotta, blast chill and finally decorate with raspberries and blueberries.

Trivia and tips

Panna cotta is one of the most famous puddings in the world. It is a traditional dessert from the Piedmont region, dating back to the start of the 1900s. In Northern Europe, recipe books date it even further back to the Middle Ages. In the UK, in France, in Greece and in Denmark there are similar desserts, such as blancmange, blanc-manger, the Danish "moos hwit" and in Hungary "krémes", a kind of panna cotta encased betweentwo puff pastry crusts. Hulalà Sugar Free cream's plus point is its delicate flavour, not to mention the fact that it can be customised by adding up to 20% sugar.