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White chocolate and raspberry praline

with Pristine Hulalà Classic

By Marco Battaglia

Professional pastry chef at the “Marlà” pastry shop in Milan


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White chocolate ganache
  • Pristine Hulalà Classic g 330
  • Sugar g 50
  • Glucose g 50
  • Vanilla pod 1
  • White chocolate g 540
  • Vanilla liqueur g 40
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Raspberry ganache
  • Raspberry pulp g 200
  • Pristine Hulalà Classic g 60
  • Sugar g 40
  • White chocolate g 400


  1. White chocolate ganache
    Bring the Hulalà Classic, sugar, glucose and vanilla to the boil in a pan. Strain and pour onto the white chocolate broken into five pieces, mixing then emulsifying with a hand blender for at least one minute. Add the vanilla liqueur and finish emulsifying for another two minutes. Allow it to set, working the ganache on a marble surface using a spatula, moving it every now and then, until it reaches 26°C.
  2. Raspberry ganache
    Bring the Hulalà Classic, sugar, and raspberry pulp to the boil in a pan. Strain and pour onto the chocolate in five turns, emulsify with the hand blender and allow it to set, working the ganache on a marble surface using a spatula until it reaches 26°C.
  3. Finish
    Temper the cocoa butter with gold powder. Put a finger in and draw it along the surface of the mould. Temper the dark chocolate and coat the inside of the mould. After allowing the coating to set, pour in the white chocolate ganache first and allow it to set. Then pour in the raspberry ganache and allow it to set. Finally pour in the dark chocolate to seal the coating.

Trivia and tips

Belgium would appear to be the country where praline originated. In 1857 Jean Neuhaus opened an apothecary shop in the prestigious Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries in Brussels. To make his medicines more palatable, he coated them in a thin layer of chocolate. From this simple idea, his grandson Jean Neuhaus Jr. inherited the family passion for chocolate, but he had the stroke of genius to replace the medicine with a mouthwatering soft filling. So, in 1912, the first praline was created. Hulalà Classic is ideal for making ganaches forany praline, as it is so easy to work and blends perfectly with all kinds of ingredients, even acidic ones.