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White delizia

with Pristine Hulalà Platinum

By Marco Battaglia

Professional pastry chef at the “Marlà” pastry shop in Milan


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To decorate
  • Pristine Hulalà Platinum q.b.
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  • Eggs g 130
  • Sugar g 200
  • Egg yolks g 100
  • Biscuit flour (W 130) g 100
  • Potato starch g 130
  • Butter g 120
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Crème patisserie
  • Milk g 500
  • Sugar g 120
  • Rice starch g 20
  • Corn starch g 20
  • Egg yolks g 150
  • Vanilla pod ½
  • Lemon g 2
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Maraschino syrup
  • Water g 600
  • Sugar g 400
  • Maraschino g 500


  1. Sponge
    In a stand mixer fitted with a whisk, beat the egg whites with the sugar, after 5 minutes slowly drizzle in the egg yolks, and when it turns into a stable foam, mix in the sifted flour and potato starch by hand. Drizzle in the butter heated to 50°C and bake in an 18 cm diameter tray at 180°C for approximately 25-30 minutes. Remove the sponge and cool to a temperature above zero.
  2. Crème patisserie
    Bring the milk with the vanilla pod and lemon zest to the boil, and to one side mix the rice starch, corn starch, sugar, egg yolks and vanilla pulp. When the milk starts to boil, strain and pour into the sugar and egg yolk mix, put back on the heat and cook at 82°C.
  3. Maraschino syrup
    Bring the water and sugar to the boil, then when the syrup has cooled, add the maraschino.
  4. Assembly
    Slice the sponge into three layers. Place an initial layer of sponge in a steel ring and soak slightly with the maraschino syrup. Using a piping bag, add an initial layer of crème patisserie, then add a second layer of sponge soaked with maraschino and finally a third layer of sponge and soak with the maraschino syrup. Blast chill, then smooth the cake with whipped Hulalà Platinum and finally decorate with the delizia nozzle.

Trivia and tips

The "torta delizia" is a classic Sicilian patisserie cake. The traditional recipe calls for alternating sponge disks with almonds and crème patisserie, made with almonds, finished off with the distinctive "woven" pattern decoration: almond paste intertwining in a very particular way that confectioners design by hand. This version reinterprets it in terms of flavour and decoration: the decoration is handily made with Hulalà Platinum vegetable cream, which ensures maximum hold and the precision in details that this decoration calls for.